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Henhouse Prowlers at The Swing Station

When you hear that the Henhouse Prowlers are playing at the local watering hole around the corner from your house you don’t ask questions, you just go. This now legendary outfit from Chicago tours the globe with a traditional style steeped in modernity. They are truly Summer Camp veterans having played at the event for… Read more »

What Makes Summer Camp, Summer Camp?

A few weeks ago, we were all worried about what would happen to our beloved festival for the next year – the stages, the music, and of course the land where Summer Camp has been our home the last sixteen years – Three Sisters Park. I know everyone is SO RELIEVED that it has been confirmed that WE… Read more »

Summer Camp Memories: Camp Counselor Edition

Read through our stories below, or use the handy links to choose which Counselor’s story you’d like to see first! Nick | Eric | Carmel | Kyle | Bailey | Robert | JoJo | Derek | Alex D | Amanda | Alexander The John Popper Story Camp Counselor Nick Since growing my beard I haven’t had this issue much, but in my more baby-faced days I was more than once… Read more »

Camp Counselor Alex Interviews BadNraD, Minneapolis-Based Producer

During my interview with JR Hadaway, founder of Last Triumph, I discovered rising EDM producer BadNraD. I was instantly into his dynamic ’80s style EDM, songs that weave the listener through time with synth, bass, trance and nostalgia, all the while inspiring and appealing to bring out your inner freaky dance moves. I was lucky… Read more »