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Summer Camp Counselor: A Year In Review and Beyond

Summer Camp… Where to start? When I think about Summer Camp it is like being wrapped in a warm blanket and whispered to from a caring mother. Unlike many people who leave the festival with fond memories and happy thoughts, I took Summer Camp with me for an entire year. Winning the first ever Summer… Read more »

Pre Summer Camp Road Trippin Guide

For the uninitiated summer festival go-ers and seasoned veterans alike, one thing is certain once you have your golden tickets in hand. The excitement leading up to a music festival is palpable enough to make even the most “Type-A” dudette or broseph lose their rationale & logic when prepping for the adventure. Fear not my… Read more »

Juno What?! with Bernie Worrell and Euforquestra

Summer Camp has had so many artist grace their stage over the years, that if you go to any show chancres are the majority of them have played Summer Camp. While the headliners Juno What have yet to play SCamp both Euforquetra and Bernie Worrell have made the trip. My jam-packed weekend of music began… Read more »

Leftover Salmon: Aquatic Hitchhiker

With Leftover Salmon making it back to Summer Camp this year I thought it would be good to give their new album a listen. Here is my review. Eight years in the making Leftover Salmon’s Aquatic Hitchhiker finally hit record stores last week. A truly original work of art this album is everything Salmon with absolutely… Read more »

Are we there yet?!

Hello fellow music lovers! I’m sure everybody is just as excited as I am for Summer Camp. I can’t believe my luck in getting the opportunity to be a CIT in just a little over a week before the festival after somebody dropped out! Whoever that may have been for whatever reason, thank you, thank… Read more »