12th of Never Have I Ever

In celebration of Lagunitas joining the Summer Camp family, we’re excited to present the winners for the very special promotion, “12th of Never Have I Ever.” Congratulations to the winners and THANK YOU to everyone who participated by submitting a story or voting in the bracket! You can look forward to enjoying Lagunitas’ tropically hoppy, light, yet full-bodied canned ale, “12th of Never” at Summer Camp 2018!

Winning Entries!

1st Place:
Valetta Chatokhin – Stopped Dancing Because Of The Rain!
At Summer Camp 2016, me and a few friends finally made it to Umphrey’s Mcgee and the rain was pouring down non-stop. We saw people head for cover, but that didn’t stop us. We kept dancing and grooving in the pouring rain. Then someone even offered us to keep their umbrella in the crowd. Summer Camp love is always in the air 🙂

2nd Place:
Kelsey Flynn – Visited the SCamp Campfire!
I asked if some friends wanted to go jam at the Campfire Stage and then after go roast some marshmallows at the gigantic campfire. All of them looked at me like I was crazy. “Campfires aren’t allowed at Summer Camp”, they told me. “Of course they aren’t but there is a huge one that is managed by the festival”, I tried to tell them. None of them believed me, even though some of them have been coming to Summer Camp for years. We of course all went over that night and they were all blown away with how awesome the gigantic campfire was. 🙂

3rd and 4th place:
Alexis Conner -Taken Hula Hoop Workshops in the Soulshine Tent!
Every morning at Summer Camp I love to participate in the hula hoop workshops. Not only does it fuel my passion, but it is so fun to connect with others through the craft and create friendships with scampers that also attend the daily workshops! While attending the workshops at Scamp17, I saw a friend that I had made at the workshops the previous year, it was wild! Above all, one of my favorite parts is being able to carry what I learn with me through out the festival and beyond! Whether you’re an experience hooper or have never picked a hula hoop up in your life- let’s get groovy, come play!

Chaney Lovellette – Seen an Awesome Local Band!
My friends and I have a ritual that we will listen to the smaller bands at the bottom of the poster on our way to Summer Camp. We choose which bands we have to check out at Summer Camp! Last year we saw Family Groove Company and it turned out to be one of the best shows of the weekend!!! Can’t wait to see FGC and other local bands again this year. Support Local Musicians!

Fan Voting ROCKSTAR VIP Pass Winner:
Aaron F.