4 Easy Camping Recipes Perfect for Summer Camp Music Festival

With Summer Camp Music Festival 2017 just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how you will fuel your body through a full weekend of music. Since music festivals are a marathon, not a sprint, a good meal can do wonders for keeping you going. One of the most affordable options for food at Summer Camp is always to bring your own food to make. Camp Counselors Kyle, Alex, and Kevin go over four of their favorite recipes to make while camping.

First, Counselor Kyle has some tips for starting your Summer Camp with the most important meal of the day, breakfast! Perfect to get your day started with a hefty serving of protein from eggs and bacon, you will also make your camping neighbors jealous with that fresh bacon smell.

Need a quick energy boost between sets? Summer Camp Counselor Alex suggests either doctored up PB&J or an avocado and honey sandwich. With added nutrients from hemp and flax this is sure to keep you on your feet, even if you stayed up all night to play kickball with Ryan Stasik of Umphrey’s Mcgee.

Finally, for those of you who find yourself needing to fulfill your sweet tooth’s craving, Camp Counselor Kevin likes to make Cinnamon Baked Camping Apples. Quick and easy to prepare, this recipe is perfect for a night time energy boost with only a few basic ingredients and grill.

Remember to eat well and stay hydrated next weekend so you can keep grooving to all of your favorite sets. Save yourself the hassle of last minute preparations and start planning a few easy meals for Summer Camp today! Luckily, if cooking isn’t your thing there are always plenty of delicious food vendors to stop at for a much needed boost of energy over Memorial Day weekend when we return to Chillicothe for Summer Camp Music Festival 2017.

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Camp Counselor Kevin
2015 Camp Counselor, Kevin Schwartz was born and raised in Wisconsin. He is a huge supporter of local music, searching for new music and bands in Milwaukee and the Midwest, and Umphrey's Mcgee.