8 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer at Summer Camp


Have you ever missed out on a festival because you couldn’t afford it? After paying for the ticket, filling up the car, stocking up on groceries, and buying a new lawn chair since the old one got destroyed last summer in a torrential downpour, the cost can add up to be too much to bear. But what if you could eliminate the biggest cost of all and have fun in the process? Welcome to volunteering at Summer Camp, my friends. Here are 8 reasons why you should join the team and come volunteer at this year’s festival.

1. Get a Free 3-Day Pass

All smiles for free passes!

All smiles for free passes!

For many, this is reason enough to sign up to volunteer. Take away the cost of the ticket and you’ve got more money for those craft beers, delicious festy food, and maybe even a ride on the Ferris wheel.

2. Get in for the Thursday Pre-Party

Everyone knows that the party really starts on Thursday. In fact, there’s really not much that’s “pre” about it. Three Sisters Park is raging right from the get-go! Sign up to volunteer and you’ll also get to join the festivities on Thursday night.

3. Skip the Line

I'll pass on the huge line.

I’ll pass on the huge line.

Every year, the line to get in seems longer and longer. It also seems to start earlier and earlier. When we arrived early Thursday morning last year, there were well over a thousand people in line. Many had even slept in line to keep their spot. Show up as a volunteer, and you’ll get to breeze right to the front.

4. Get a Spot in the Woods

Welcome to the w00kie Woods.

Welcome to the w00kie Woods.

There are many reasons why a spot in the woods is coveted. You get shade, which will allow you to sleep in past 7. There are plenty of places to string up your hammock, adding an extra chill space to the camp. Plus, in the “w00kie Woods” as some call them, there’s never a dull moment.

5. Work with Awesome People

Half the fun of volunteering is getting to spend the weekend working alongside some truly amazing people. It’s a giant team of people looking to help make Summer Camp a better experience for all, and you’ll get to be a part of it. Chances are you’ll end up becoming friends with quite a few of them and will see each other at shows and festivals throughout the year.

6. Get Great Assignments

Guarding the VIP Area on shift.

Guarding the VIP Area on shift.

While many may scoff at the idea of volunteering because they’ll miss out on the action, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are a variety of positions you could end up in where you’ll not only hear the music, but you’ll be closer to it than you would have been with just a GA ticket. You could spend your shift checking wristbands in the VIP area, meaning you also get a great view of the stage.

7. Gain Experience

For most of us, working in live music is a dream job. We already spend all our time, money, and energy seeing it, so why not turn it into a career? It’s not the easiest industry to get a foot in the door, so you’ve got to take the opportunities where you can and make the most of them. Impress your supervisor while volunteering and you could end up making important connections that could turn this passion into your job.

8. Contribute to an Amazing Event

Every year since 2001, thousands of festival-goers have made Three Sisters Park their home for Memorial Day weekend. Summer Camp has grown and improved every single year, and that’s because of the hard work and dedication of all the people on the team. Your festival experience will be a lot more satisfying when you know that you contributed something more than just showing up as a fan.


As you can see, there’s a lot more to volunteering than just scoring a free ticket. That’s certainly a huge perk, but the benefits are far beyond financial. Pick up three shifts over the 4-day festival, and you’ll skip the line, snag a great camping spot, enjoy the pre-party, and meet some of the coolest people ever. Chances are you’ll have such a good time you’ll wonder why you haven’t just been volunteering every year and will be ready to sign up for next year as soon as this one’s over. See you all in Chillicothe next month!


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