A Jamband Fans Guide to SCamp19

One of the best things about Summer Camp is the diversity in the lineup. Over the course of four days, you can choose between jambands, bluegrass, EDM, hip-hop, reggae, and so much more. With each passing year, the SCamp lineup just gets better and better. We really are spoiled at this little party we have every Memorial Day weekend down in Chillicothe!

That being said, there’s no denying that this is a jam festival at its roots. I’m a jamband dude and always have been, and I’m really pumped with the lineup that Summer Camp has put together this year. In this post, I’ll shine a light on the Summer Camp jambands. Before we get going, go ahead and hit play on this Spotify playlist I put together for you!


When it comes to jambands at SCamp, you know we have to start with moe. After all, it was moe. who headlined the first ever Summer Camp way back in 2001, and it is moe. who still headlines it after all these years! The upstate NY-based quintet now plays three days at Summer Camp and usually has a late-night thrown in for good measure. 

Gimme some moe.

Catch moe. on the Moonshine Stage Friday 1:30-3, Saturday 9-10:15 & 11-12:30, Sunday 10:30-11:45 & 12:30-2; Red Barn Friday 1-2:15 

Umphrey’s McGee

These days, moe. shares its headlining duties with the resident kings of progressive jam-rock – Umphrey’s McGee. UM has been a staple at Summer Camp since 2003 and they now play three shows over at the Sunshine Stage along with a face-melter in the Red Barn. The members of UM always have other projects going on as well – catch Ryan Stasik with his new act Doom Flamingo as well as Brendan Bayliss playing with 30DB and Fate Nite.

Rage. Rest. Repeat. \mm/

You can see UM turn it up to 11 on the Sunshine Stage: Friday 7:45-9:15 & 10-11:45, Saturday 10-11:15 & 12:30-2, Sunday 1:30-3; Red Barn Thursday 11-1* 

*There will be a special UMVIP set earlier on Thursday evening.

Chris Robinson Brotherhood

This may not be a jamband, per say, but they sure are a band that jams! The Chris Robinson Brotherhood formed back in 2011 while the Black Crowes were on hiatus. This blues rock powerhouse has been going ever since and has released six albums in that time. With the announcement of a forthcoming hiatus at the end of their tour this summer, this might be your last chance to see them for a while, so don’t miss out on this set!

Chris Robinson Brotherhood plays the Sunshine Stage on Sunday from 5-6.


Sound Tribe Sector 9, or STS9 as many know them, are no strangers to Summer Camp. The Georgia-formed, California-based instrumental band has played Three Sisters several times, and they’re coming back for another round in 2019. Thanks to their new Wave Spell studio sessions and live sets, which are entirely improv, the band is breaking new ground and sounding better than ever. 

Sunset and STS9 – what a combo!

STS9 is playing a special Axe the Cables set on Thursday at the Sunshine Stage from 7:30-9. This alone is worth the price of the Pre-Party ticket if you ask me. They play again on Friday from 12:30-2.

Blues Traveler

Blues Traveler has been jamming across the country since many of us were jamming in diapers. This legendary jamrock band played with Phish back in the day at the H.O.R.D.E. festival and they’re coming to Chillicothe this year. Get ready to boogie down to John Popper’s infectious harmonica jams during their set!

Blues Traveler plays on the Moonshine Stage on Saturday from 6:45-8.


Lotus is definitely one of my favorite acts to catch at Summer Camp. This electronic jamband always starts a dance party, and they usually tack on a Red Barn throwdown to their general set. This will be their first SCamp since 2016, so you can expect them to deliver a few epic performances, especially since they’re winding the festival down on Sunday.

Lotus on Moonshine is a dance party!

You can catch Lotus in the Red Barn after Chromeo on Saturday night from 2:45-4 and then again on Sunday from 11:30-1 on the Sunshine Stage. 

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

This funky jamband from Baltimore acts about as goofy as their name on stage, and their infectious energy has helped them develop a hardcore following known as “The Flock.” Don’t be surprised if you see some people rocking pigeon masks throwing ping pong balls at each other in the front row! Put your pajama pants on for this one and get ready to dance like a fool.


Pigeons plays Moonshine on Friday from 6:30-7:30 and then again in the Red Barn that night from 2:45-4.

Keller Williams

Good ole’ Keller Williams has been a fixture on SCamp lineups since back in the day. I remember seeing him grab his guitar out of his trunk on the last day after that epic storm we had in 2004! He was one of the troopers who came back and braved the mud to deliver a great set. You can always count on Keller for a good time. This year, he’ll be doing a special Pettygrass set with a band, so come out if you want to honor the late Tom Petty!

Keller Williams’ Pettygrass plays Friday on Sunshine from 1-2. If you come to the pre-party, catch him on the Campfire Stage doing a solo set from 12-1:30.


The up and coming jam sensation known as Spafford has been winning over fans all over the country, myself included. Spaffnerds (as their fans are called) have an unofficial slogan for the band – “I’m killing it” – and that’s precisely what Spafford has been doing. This is their 3rd year in a row at SCamp and they’re giving us two sets this year, so come out and see what all the hype is about.

Killing it.

Spafford plays Thursday on Campfire from 2-4 and again on Friday at Sunshine from 4-5.

Crosseyed & Phishless

I’ve gotta give it up for my homies in the best Phish cover cover band out there – Crosseyed & Phishless! These guys play all of your favorite songs that Phish covers and they always have plenty of phishy teases in store during their set. This year they’re shutting things down in the wee hours of Sunday night/Monday morning, so come rage one last time to end the weekend right!

Crosseyed & Phishless

Crosseyed & Phishless plays the Soulshine Tent Sunday night from 2-4.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to jambands at Summer Camp this year. Other acts you can add to your list include TAUK, Papadosio, Aqueous, Cycles, Mungion, and The Werks. I’m sure there are tons of other jambands on this year’s lineup who are rocking SCamp for the first time and are getting ready to pick up some new fans. That’s the beauty of this festival – you always go to see your favorites and then come home with a few new ones!

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