Camp Counselor Alex Interviews Kyle Hollingsworth via Beer Pong

Kyle Hollingsworth Interview

If you’re familiar with The String Cheese Incident (since you’re reading this, I can assume you are), then you likely already know that Kyle Hollingsworth is a beer connoisseur of sorts. BUT, did you know, he is also a world class beer pong Olympian? Do you know about his pre-apple eating routine? Are you aware of his Looney Tune character preferences? How does he really feel about Joel Cummins? Witness Kyle’s uncanny ability to play beer pong below, and gain some valuable insight into the cheesy world of Kyle Hollingsworth.

This one was fun! Still interested? Take a look back at our chat from SCamp16 on his Summer Camp memories, dream collaborations, and more!

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Camp Counselor Alex D
Camp Counselor Alex D
Our 24 year-old Wisconsin-based Camp Counselor Alex has regularly been attending shows since his parents took him to see Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1999.