Camp Counselor Ålexander spends Spring Break with Umphrey’s McGee in Vegas

Airline credits, family, spring break, and Umphrey’s McGee… Sounds like enough of a reason to escape the tundra of North Dakota and head to Vegas. And I didn’t even mention St. Patrick’s day, including the fact that I have the best hookup for corned beef and cabbage on the west coast.

I knew this would be another one for the books.


After finishing my midterms, I hopped on to an Allegiant flight straight outta the “Peace Garden State” and into “Sin City.”

With about four days to enjoy what the area had to offer, I decided to take advantage of not only all the hip things of what to do in the city, but what the city has to offer in its natural surroundings. Therefore, I went up to Mt. Charleston for a hike one day and to the Red Rock Canyon another.


To experience the city life to a certain degree, I decided to check out an art gallery that has a very respectable repertoire. It was called the “Centaur Art Gallery.” And while it held some very impressive works by the names of Dali, Picasso, Rembrandt, Neiman, and many others… it was a very frustrating “gallery.” For it was hardly a gallery, but more of a showcase to sell the works. Many of these to which I considered to have been highly disrespected being crammed into a small space with many of the works in their frames stacked upon the floor. Very upsetting. But, overall pretty awesome to have seen the works. Not to mention the fact that it was FREE admittance.


Friday finally rolled around (St. Patrick’s Day) and I got to enjoy some of my momma’s Corned Beef and Cabbage…

I also went to the coolest record shop on the planet… or at least the coolest that I have ever rummaged through. It was called Wax Trax Records. And holy shit, that place is legendary. Highly recommend checking it out. Purchased myself a rare dish of Elvis’s first known recordings in he spirit of being in Vegas.

Damn… that was good..

IMG_20170317_180042_391  IMG_20170318_110509_307

After getting my fix on some vinyl and some corned beef, I headed on over to the Brooklyn Bowl to see Spafford and Umphrey’s Mcgee. To which I was allowed photo access.

Spafford really blew me away. It was my first time seeing them, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I’m excited to look into these guys a bit more. And UMPH.. well, it was Umph.. A show always well worth seeing. One that threw me off guard this time around as it took me while to acclimate to my new camera and fit into my old skin of photographer. Been awhile since I had been in this environment but I got some great shots!

mndsbcd kjn

Here was the set:

Set 1: Flamethrower > Puppet String > Roctopus, Attachments, Out Of Order > Puppet String, Got Your Milk (Right Here) > Der Bluten Kat

Set 2: Gurgle > Speak Up > The Floor > I’m On Fire > The Floor, Kabump > Comma Later > In a Silent Way > It’s About That Time

Encore: Glory > The Good Times Are Killing Me, Mad Love


A few hours after the show, the very next morning, I caught a Greyhound back to North Dakota… Here’s how that went. 🙂

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