Camp Counselor Kyle reviews The Werks’ new album, “Magic”!


The Werks is no strange name to Summer Camp Music Festival attendees. Having been to every SCamp since 2011, there is a reason they keep on coming back. #SCamp17 is no exception, and I’m stoked that the band has a new album out!

The Werks is made up of Rob Chafin (Drums, Vocals, Samples), Jake Goldberg (Bass, Vocals), Chris Houser (Guitar,Vocals), and Dan Shaw (Keyboards, Vocals). Hailing from Dayton/Columbus, Ohio, these guys have been touring all over the states dropping jaws and blowing minds. They are one of those bands that I always make sure to go out of my way to catch when at a festival, or when they are in my neck of the woods. With this new album drop, you REALLY want to make sure to catch these guys at Summer Camp this year!


The Werks at Summer Camp Music Festival 2016. Photo by Phierce Photo – Keith Griner.

I had the pleasure of being able to check out the album early. Easily my favorite album thus far. When you listen to something through and you want to check it out again right after, you know they did something right. Their title track, “Magic” is one of my favorite songs of the album. The song is really good at drawing you in and letting you be warped right in. I’ve found myself singing the chorus all day after listing to it. The rest of the album is no exception! The next song, “Into the Moss” throws some tasty jams right off the start that get your foot stompin!

Give it a listen below, you won’t be disappointed! Check out for more information!

The Werks are also on an extensive tour leading up to Summer Camp! Check out the tour dates here

You can see them performing with Dopapod at The Canopy Club on Tuesday, March 18th! Tickets are available here.

Camp Counselor Kyle
Camp Counselor Kyle
One of our 2013 Camp Counselors, Kyle was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and loves filming concerts on his Canon 60D!