Camp Counselor Kyle’s Top 5 Reasons to go VIP at #SCamp17!


So, you’re thinking about going VIP at Summer Camp! Maybe this is your first time at the festival, or maybe you’ve been since the start but haven’t gone VIP #SCamp style. Either way, you will not regret the decision. Here are five reasons why you should upgrade!

1. VIP EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCES! Yes! You read that right! This has to be one of my favorite perks about going VIP. Being able to see some of these artists on the massive stages and then getting the chance to see them perform intimate sets inside the VIP tent is awesome. The VIP performances always give me goosebumps. Years past have featured artists such as moe., Cherub, Keller Williams, The Floozies, Lettuce, and much more! Camp Counselor Kevin caught the always amazing Kyle Hollingsworth Band perform in the VIP Lounge last year:

2. VIP BAR! What better way to enjoy those VIP sets than with some discounted drinks! The VIP bar is one of my favorite places to hang out. Located inside the VIP tent across from the stage, relax with a tasty drink in hand on one of the comfy chairs while listening to some funky jams!


3. LATE NIGHT SHOWS IN THE RED BARN! If I didn’t give any hints away that I LOVE the VIP sets, another intimate way to catch your favorite #SCamp acts is late night in the Red Barn! After a long day in the sun, it’s the perfect way to unwind. Since the Red Barn is limited capacity, the best way to secure your Late Night Ticket is going VIP! One of my all time favorite acts to catch is Lotus. They’re always on the top of my list to see, and being able to see them RAGE hard on the Moonshine Stage last year and also catch them in the Red Barn was magical. Catch your magical Red Barn set by going VIP!

Photo Credit: Phierce Photo of FX Media Solutions

Photo Credit: Phierce Photo of FX Media Solutions

4. VIP SHOWERS! Maybe you’re the type to wait until the weekend is all over, or maybe you like to shower every day at #SCamp. Going VIP gives you the ease of mind to take a shower when you want! With 24 hour showers, clean off as you please and rage those sets extra hard!


5. VIP VIEWING AREAS! This is another personal favorite of mine. The VIP viewing areas are located at both the Moonshine Stage as well as the Sunshine Stage. If seeing your favorite acts up close and personal is something you enjoy, this is a 3rd big reason to go VIP! Say it with me, EXCLUSIVE VIP SETS, LATE NIGHT RED BARN SETS, and VIP VIEWING AREAS! Seriously though, the VIP Viewing areas are amazing. With so much to see, sometimes you might arrive to a set half way through…with the VIP Viewing, you still get nice and close no matter when you arrive!


Ok ok, so it’s pretty hard to only list my five favorite reasons to go VIP since every perk is magical. Here are two more of my favorites of going VIP!

6. VIP PARKING! This one is awesome! With the size of #SCamp, parking close is a great perk! I’m able to go from my tent, to the VIP Lounge, to my car, back to my tent in such a short amount of time. Cut down on time getting your gear in and more time to party with VIP Parking!

7. Air-Conditioned Bathrooms! This might sound like heaven reading this, or maybe you’re confused as to why you would care. TRUST ME! It’s amazing. It’s as if you float right into the comfort of your own home with the VIP bathrooms!

These perks are only the tip of the iceberg! There are multiple VIP levels with more added perks. So, here’s a bonus perk with going VIP Rockstar:

Backstage Access! You heard that right! Want to truly get that Rockstar experience? It’s so cool! I can try and explain how amazing this perk is, but what happens backstage stays backstage. The only way to find out is for yourself!

And of course, if you’re a die-hard UMphreak, the umVIP packages are made just for you! You get all the exclusive amenities, activities & access of going VIP at Summer Camp. On top of that, you also get a private Umphrey’s McGee set in the church, umVIP Picnic with the band, priority access to the UM Golden Ticket event, a group photo, exclusive Umphrey’s McGee merch & more!

So if you’re the kinda cat who likes exclusive sets, air conditioned bathrooms, prime tenting, discounted drinks, close parking, merch packages and much much more, you need to go VIP… because as they say, once you go VIP you never go back!



Camp Counselor Kyle
Camp Counselor Kyle
One of our 2013 Camp Counselors, Kyle was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and loves filming concerts on his Canon 60D!