Camp Counselor Robert deals with SCamp Withdrawal

Every winter, approximately seven to eight months removed from Summer Camp Music Festival, I find myself yearning for SCamp with more frequency than usual.  As the temperatures drop here in central Illinois, my mind wanders back to Three Sisters Park.  Thoughts often revolving around all of the past and future experiences that fill my time in Chillicothe.

As a first year Camp Counselor, I was able to experience the festival in different light.  Using borrowed equipment, having little plan and less experience, everything was new.  I tried to not overwhelm myself with tasks, but none the less ended up capturing quite a bit of video during my four day adventure.  Shortly after the conclusion of SCMF, I edited my first recap video as counselor and you can view it at the end of this blog.

With the remaining video that has been shelved for months, I’ve came to the conclusion that one way to alleviate my own (and others) Summer Camp blues would be to sort through the remainders and cut a secondary recap.  SunSquabi was revealed to be on the initial lineup drop for #SCamp17 and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I missed their late night set on the Camping Stage, but was fortunate enough to see them play the support role for Pretty Lights in Chicago and The Floozies at The Canopy Club last year.  I’ve been following and endorsing their hybrid-funk sound since first introduced last January.  With their blessing, and supplemental video footage of their set from Camp Counselor Kevin via Instrumental Motion, I was able to create this SCMF recap using their new single, Pygmy Up ft. Russ Liquid.  This process has definitely helped with my withdrawals and one can only hope that it provides some relief for some of you as well.

You can watch my first #SCamp16 recap video here (song from Sun Stereo):

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Camp Counselor Robert
Camp Counselor Robert
Long time SCamper, first time counselor.