Chase Baby explains why Growing Up Is Hard

Image from Emerald Tide Photography at SCamp17

“Music is therapy for me, it’s not something I only do out of interest and passion but something I create out of necessity. This is my latest project, definitely my most personal and I just want it to act as a voice for those who fight with mental health but are too proud/apprehensive to be vocal about it. I think one of the main issues surrounding the subject is that very little people understand, and in order for it to become part of a more healthy narrative, there needs to be some perspective. I’m hoping to do that. Thanks for your ears, all.”Chase Baby.

Two time Summer Camp Music Festival performing artist, Chase Baby (one half of hip hop duo Trouble Chasin’) just released his sophomore album, #GUIH or ‘Growing Up Is Hard’.  This follow up to ‘The Blue Collar‘ album showcases his evolution as an emcee and person from his early to late 20’s.

The direction and content of #GUIH is conveyed within the album’s artwork.

Album Art from Daniel Brown & Photographed by Bryton Carmack

A few days before the album’s release, Chase invited some fans to an undisclosed location in the heart of downtown Champaign for a listening party hosted with Forrest Bump. Equipped with an large pizza and fifth of Crown Royal I made my way out for my first chance to hear the album in it’s entirety.

Full photo album – #GUIH Listening Party from Robert K. Recordings

Chase has become a staple of the 217 hip hop community and his impact has now been felt at SCamp.  A diverse artist, he shifts seamlessly with his flow. Great at making a hype song, but an even more talented and introspective story teller. Capable working everything from a classic boom bap sound to Midwest rapid fire and jazz rap, or a more EDM driven project like Trouble Chasin’.

If you’re a fan of hip hop or can just really appreciate a hard working artist in general I suggest you browse over the man’s catalog. Some of my personal favs would include Sweat, Red Floors, or My House. Chase Baby is in a lane all his own.

Image from Billi Jo Hart as Adventure Hart at #SCamp17

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