Ep 6 Summer Camp Podcast: On the Road Special 2017

Summer Camp Podcast Family Groove

Show notes: This special episode features full songs from the Summer Camp On the Road Tour winners.

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Camp Counselor Derek leads you into the forest and behind-the-scenes of Summer Camp Music Festival in our very first podcast series! Get to know the festival and its origins, learn more about what you can expect this Memorial Day Weekend, and relive the most memorable past Summer Camp moments.

Camp Counselor Derek will also be inviting a number of artists on to the show, including Al Schnier (moe.), Keller Williams, Oliver Wood (Wood Brothers), Dave Johnston (Yonder Mountain String Band), and more! Get to know the artists you’ll see this May during these exclusive interviews you can only hear on the Official Summer Camp Music Festival podcast!

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Or, you can download and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Google Play!

Camp Counselor Derek
Camp Counselor Derek
Counselor Derek has no shame in telling you that he has been to every summer camp. As the eldest of the counselors, they say in the off season during a full moon at Three Sisters Park you can hear his cry in the night, “Get off my lawn!” An Art Director from Chicago, he looks forward to many more years at camp.