Episode 20 Summer Camp Podcast: Janis Wallin (Family Groove Company)

Show Notes: Camp Counselor Derek talks with Janis Wallin of Family Groove Company about her many music projects, why Jon Fishman wears a dress (which she heard straight from the Fish’s mouth), and FGC shares an exclusive new song from their forthcoming album.

Jam of the Week: Victor Wooten and Friends from 5/26/13

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Camp Counselor Derek
Camp Counselor Derek
Counselor Derek has no shame in telling you that he has been to every SCamp. As the eldest of the counselors, they say in the off season during a full moon at Three Sisters Park you can hear his cry in the night, “Get off my lawn!” An Art Director from Chicago, he looks forward to many more years at camp. Get to know him better on the Summer Camp podcast!