Keller Williams with The Accidentals at The Aggie

Keller Williams, K-Dub or The Dubalicios One as he is known in certain circles continues to be a traveling bard distributing good tunes and great vibes wherever he lands. Keller has always been a bundle of positive energy free floating in an atmosphere of musical possibilities. Mr. Williams has been touring as a one man band since the early 90’s incorporating looping technology early in his career. He has been a bandleader a number of times, but some of his most compelling work comes when he stands on stage alone. At the Aggie we would see both sides of Keller.

The night began with a performance by The Accidentals. This group is anchored by multi-instrumentalists Katie Larson and Savannah Buist who first met in high school. The Accidentals are yet another talented group hailing from Michigan. The band was rounded out by Michael Dause on drums and Jake Allen on guitar and keys. They started at the god awful early hour of 8:30 and with a near capacity crowd we didn’t get inside until well after 9 PM. We caught the last third of their set and highlights included a couple of covers including a beautiful version of Andrew Bird’s “Capsized” as well as Vulfpeck’s “Back Pocket.” They are and incredibly talented song oriented group with loads of potential. They would eventually return to back Keller as he wrapped up the show.

Keller began, as he does most nights when performing solo, strumming the guitar backstage before emerging from the darkness. He began the night with fan favorite “Cadillac” which melted way into a funky “Celebrate Your Youth.” Beyond his original work Keller Williams is a musical genius steeped in all music from classical to the most saccharine pop. He showed us just how on top of it he is with an acoustic version of Marian Hill’s “Down.” He kept the hit parade going with “Portapotty” into “More Than A Little.” It was a veritable Keller’s greatest hits show and it continued with his ode to the rabble-rousers who tore down a fence at a Dead show in 1995 “Gate Crashers.” Continuing the theme Keller treated use to a stellar version of the Grateful Dead’s “Scarlet Begonias.” Keller went into his science fiction bluegrass tune “Elephorse” about a multi-headed beast.

Mr. Williams invited all of The Accidentals back on stage to basically play as his backing band for the last part of the show. This gave him a chance to shine again working in that bandleader role he loves. They really knocked it out of the park during their encore with an almost orchestral version of Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.” And just like that it was over. The show could have gone a bit longer but overall it was an awesome concert full of classic Keller and new friends in the form of The Accidentals. I would not be surprised to see these two musical entities collaborating in the studio some time soon. The Accidentals are continuing the tour heading East, while Keller will mostly be sticking to the East Coast save for his two annual Colorado dates in December. Until next time.

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