Kool Mikell and his Umphrey’s Rap

Longtime security team member of The Canopy Club and Summer Camp Music Festival Mo Knox (Kool Mikell) just happens to be a dope ass emcee.  No standing catalog, no music videos on YouTube or SoundCloud are available.  He only has decades worth of rhyming, knowledge, and experience.  He has decided to flex his craft with this Umphrey’s McGee rap which showcases his clever wordplay and narrative skills.  Along with images courtesy of Tara Gracer Design & Photography, Instrumental Motion and Sean Hersch Multimedia, I was able to create this visual for the track:

Kool Mikell actually has one Umphrey’s Rap credited to his name already.  The band released and shared his original Titles track back in 2012 and you can listen to it [here]. Mo is known for kicking off freestyle sessions with all sorts of talent that make their way through The Canopy. Watch him spit in this video with G. Love of The Special Sauce variety [here] that was also filmed in 2012.  If you want to break down the rhyme scheme and count the UM references that intertwine the fabric in “Titles pt. II,” I have included a graphic with lyrics below:



Mo Knox’s daughter, Shasta ‘Klevah‘ Knox, is an amazing talent in her own right.  A two time SCamp performer as a solo artist and in her collaborative project, Mother Nature.  She was kind enough to allow for us to upload this Umphrey’s rap to her SoundCloud for regular availability to listeners and you can access that [here].  I feel blessed to have had Kool Mikell involve me with this project.  Outside of this, he has helped in an advisory role on a number of issues involving my own passion project of the last four months, The Champaign Cypher Series.  You can regularly find me at the Canopy Club and yearly at SCMF picking his brain about everything music.

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