Summer Camp Flow Troupe Contest

We’re looking for entries from the best flow artists for our Summer Camp 2016 Flow Troupe! Come up with a routine and videotape it for a chance to be an official performer at the Festival.

Video Contest

  • Your video should be at least 3-4 minutes long.
  • The first 30-45 seconds of your video should be you introducing yourself and answering the following questions:
    • How long have you been spinning?
    • What are the different props you spin?
    • What does Summer Camp mean to you?
    • What will you bring to Summer Camp’s Flow Troupe?
  • The remaining portion of your video will be you showing us what you’ve got. Have fun with this part, but make yourself stand above the others. We love your flow but we want to see what you’ve really got.
  • Partner videos will be accepted.
  • No LED or fire props should be used in your contest video.
  • The use of multiple props is encouraged but not required.
  • Videos will be chosen based on skill, personality, creativity, technique, and ‘likes’.

Video contest winners

  • Must have LED props for performances.
  • Must arrive at Summer Camp on Wednesday, May 25th by noon.
  • Winners will be required to submit a $50 deposit to ensure required performances are met. These deposits will be reimbursed following Summer Camp.


  • The deadline for the videos is April 9th.
  • The winners will be announced April 16th.


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