Top 10 reasons why you should volunteer at #SCamp19

Summer Camp Music Festival is right around the corner, and as you’ve been daydreaming about what you’ll see and do while at the fest, one thing has been plaguing you in the back of your mind: “How will I get in?” You tried your best to save throughout the year, but let’s face it, stuff always seemed to come up. And on top of the ticket, you’ll still need to get gear, food, and goodies for the weekend that all add up. So what are you going to do?

The horror of skipping Summer Camp crossed your mind, but you quickly shook it away knowing that wasn’t an option. Summer Camp is your home, and you know you couldn’t live with the FOMO if you couldn’t enjoy it this Memorial Day Weekend.

But then, as if a brilliant flash of light illuminated your mind, you remember about volunteering at Summer Camp Music Festival! A simple way to trade a bit of your time for a free ticket to the fest (well, after you complete your hours of course, more on that later!). And so, in a rush of excitement, you’ve found yourself reading this article to help you confirm that it’s the right choice.

So, I give you 10 reasons why you should volunteer for #SCamp19!

1. You’ll get a “free” ticket to the festival!

This one is a bit obvious, but deserves to be said. You still have to pay for your ticket up front. This is to safeguard the fest from anybody signing up to volunteer then skipping out on their shifts. BUT, as long as you do your work you’ll get the face value of the ticket back after the festival. So you can scoop a bit out of your savings, then put it right back just in time for summer.

2. You’ll be able to “Make A Difference” at the festival!

Okay maybe dropping the whole name of the program is a bit corny, but it really is a good feeling to know that you play a part in helping the festival run smoothly. It’s no secret that drawing in thousands of people over a weekend can cause some difficulties for the natural environment. Depending on what group you volunteer for, you could help keep the park clean, reduce the festival’s footprint, or keep other SCampers smiling in your neon vest as you stand (dance?) at your post.

3. It’s really not that hard.

I volunteered my first year at Summer Camp. Sure it’s a bummer to not be able to go out and roam around with my friends, but there’s no shortage of people that will come up and talk to you. I’d argue that it’s an experience that everyone should have, as it forces you out of your safety net of people you know. You get to meet so many new people. Plus, SCampers LOVE volunteers. There will be no shortage of high fives awaiting you at the festival.

4. It’s actually really fun!

Don’t believe me? Check out these volunteer memories from past Summer Camp volunteers. Plus, you’ll be able to share your memories after the festival for everyone to read! 

Here’s a snippet from past volunteer Melanie:

“I had a morning shift and my job was to clean up Starshine after a long night of scampers raving hard over there. It was one of the most perfect mornings because there was not a cloud in the sky, the sun was shining, and most scampers were still asleep so there was this peacefulness just floating through the air. And while I was picking up all of the leftover trash and changing the garbage bags from the previous night, there were sound checks going on at the Starshine stage and in that moment, there was no place or nothing else I would rather be doing.”

5. You get to choose what type of impact you make!

There are three different teams: General Volunteers, Green Team, and Soulshine Ambassadors. Depending on your interests, you get to choose which you’d like to apply to! So if you’re more of a “stand, scan and smile” type of person, the general volunteers group is right for you. If you’re all things environment, going Green and recycling, join the Green Team! And if you’re ultra-passionate about Summer Camp and want to make the biggest impact, consider the Soulshine Ambassadors.

6. You’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy the festival!

The general volunteers and green team have to work about 15 hours over the weekend, or 3 five hour shifts a day. The Green Team has special hours, where you can work 3 four hour shifts in the sorting tent. That means you’d only have to work 12 hours at the festival. Depending on how much sleep you plan to have during the festival, that still gives you plenty of time to go out and enjoy your time work free. Plus, if you come Thursday, you’ll have a whole day of blissful relaxation with peace of mind knowing you’ll get your ticket money back after the festival.

7.  You can request to be off during a specific set if you MUST see an artist.

I’ll preface this by saying that since Summer Camp has such a huge volume of volunteers, the coordinators can’t always honor requests. However, they always do their best, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to carve out time to see your favorite artist during the day. Plus, you can request to work with your friends (but remember what I said about going out of your element, sometimes it’s better to do it alone so you’re forced to chat with new people!).

8. Thursday Pre-Party is included!

Which really means that you are invited to the exclusive (okay not really) Unofficial Lot Pre-Pre-Party on Wednesday! People start showing up to the parking lot outside of festival grounds on Wednesday afternoon to snag a spot in line, which gives you many more hours of partying with your favorite people in the world.

9. If you’ve always wanted to get involved in a music festival, this is your chance.

Volunteering at a festival is a great first step to getting involved behind the scenes. You’ll have the chance to meet key people who are making the whole things possible. So take the opportunity and get to know them, ask questions, and maybe learn how to get your foot in the door and get even more involved the following year. Who knows where this opportunity could lead?

10. Volunteering a few hours a day is literally, hands down, 100% better than not going to the festival at all.

I mean, c’mon. This one needs no explanation. If money is tight, volunteer for Summer Camp Music Festival 2019!


For more information on all things volunteering, visit the Join A Volunteer Team Home Page. For more questions, you can read through the frequently asked questions. And if you’re ready to Make A Difference, submit your application today!


See you soon!

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Camp Counselor JoJo is a photographer & private yoga instructor residing in Champaign-Urbana. Owner of Adventure Hart LLC, Billi Jo Hart Photography and private yoga studio/blog Sad Yogi Smiles. SCamp was her first music festival, and she looks forward to coming Home year round.