Volunteer Memories Contest

Your Volunteer Memories Contest Winner is Eric Z.

It’s the Thursday of Scamp, and my first festival, and as a Soulshine volunteer I got tasked with making sure people recycled. So I spend the first 4 hours of scamp hopping around the woods and talking to vendors, campers, and staff. I passed out bags, explained the drop of locations, and all the cool swag you can win if you do the responsible things while you party. I handed out dozens of wristbands to the everyone orchestra which was amazing, however my volunteer highlight had to be a tie, when one vendor won an auction and came and hugged, or when a scamper saw me picking up improperly disposed glow sticks, and then a few more people joined in, then about 25, and in like 10 minutes we had a trash can full of glow sticks, a clean path, and I’d given everyone raffle or concert tickets. 10/10 Highly recommended.”

We want to thank YOU for volunteering at Summer Camp!

You’ve heard it many times before, Summer Camp Music Festival is NOT possible without the help of everyone who lends a hand! Whether you participated with General Volunteers, Green Team, or Soulshine Ambassadors, we can not do this without you and we are so grateful for you!

We want to hear about your time volunteering at Summer Camp! Who you met, what you did, what you heard, what you saw, and anything else that made your volunteer experience one of a kind.

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